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Christmas Gift Ideas for cyclists

Christmas is coming and you need a present for that tricky-to-buy-for loved one - who happens to be a cyclist. The day is approaching and time is running out as much as your ideas. Well, if you're looking for gift ideas for a bike-lover, we’re here to help!

We at BikeParka make the most stylish, high-quality bike covers on the market and they make perfect Christmas presents (if we say so ourselves). No matter how old, tall, or picky a cyclist might be, we have the perfect BikeParka gift idea for everyone. They all keep bikes snug, dry and safe from the harsh winter elements, as well as providing a clever storage solution for bikes in winter. 


For a child or a reckless BMX rider: BikeParka SMALL is specially designed to provide a snug and secure fit for children’s bikes and BMX’s. As with all BikeParka products, it's light and breathable, yet engineered for tough protection against rain, snow and ice. And rest assured it can be easily adjusted to fit slightly different heights and shapes, so your child won’t outgrow it anytime soon, even if they change bike.


Perhaps your other half keeps his bike in the garden or on the balcony because he hasn’t a garage, or he’s too lazy to put the bike in (at least some of the time)? BikeParka STASH bicycle cover is our original and very popular standard cover: it protects the bike even in the harshest of weather, and keeps it tidied away. If Santa Claus had a bike, he'd definitely have one of these.


Perhaps someone you know cycles to work? If so, the BikeParka URBAN cover is the right choice for the cyclist in your life. It's perfect Christmas gift for those who leave their bikes in public spaces, as the URBAN design has unique Velcro lock-through panels. This allows the lock to be pushed through to secure the cover to the bicycle. Which means, in turn, it won’t be stolen and you won’t need to buy another one next year....

And finally, we have a unique BikeParka Christmas gift idea for those who have BIG bikes. BikeParka XL is a super-sized cover that fits mountain bikes or bicycles with wider handlebars or even child seats.

So, covers for all shapes and sizes of bikes, and for all shapes and sizes of cyclists. Happy Christmas shopping! 


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